Nos es muy grato anunciar el patrocinio PLATA para RootedCON 2018 por parte de Blueliv.

Blueliv is a leading cyberthreat intelligence provider with a world-class in-house Labs team. We scour the web, the deep web and the dark web to deliver fresh, targeted and actionable threat intelligence to organizations across multiple industries to protect their networks from the outside in.

Our frictionless technology turns global threat data into sophisticated and relevant intelligence, enabling organizations to save time and resources by improving their incident response performance and empowering their Security Operations team with real-time intelligence. Configure a solution bespoke to your needs with a choice of modules.

Leading bank, insurance, telecom, utility, and retail enterprises already rely on Blueliv. We have helped them identify millions of credentials and credit card data thefts, analyzed millions of malware samples, tracked millions of cybercrime servers, shut down large-scale mobile app fraud, and monitor global locations for thousands of fraudsters.

We also collaborate with a growing number of partners to share cyber intelligence, including leading security vendors and achieved "Cool Vendor" status in Gartner Communications Service Provider Security report an is a 2016 Go Ignite winner. Blueliv is also a FS-ISAC affiliate member.

With Blueliv, enterprises can build effective kill chains to discover, detect, deny, and disrupt the growing number and types of cyber threats in the world today.