Wireless technologies bootcamp by Raúl Siles confirmed for RootedCON 2019


The Practical Wireless & Radio Hacking (PWRH) bootcamp by Raul Siles will be given again in RootedCON 2019, updated, and as a result of the training experience acquired during previous years on the security of more traditional wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, extended to new technologies, such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), radio communications at frequencies below 1 GHz (433 MHz, 868 MHz, etc.) and other radio communications both standard and proprietary

Eminently practical course where attendees can learn, deepen, analyze security and apply research and hacking techniques on different wireless technologies and communications via radio, using both hardware and software specific tools, as more generic solutions based on SDR (Software Defined Radio)

The course will last for three days. It will be in spanish

The course includes for each assistant an Advanced Hardware Kit meticulously selected and composed of multiple hardware components necessary for the security analysis of wireless technologies and radio communications.

  • The Advanced hardware kit is included in the standard course fee for each participant and can make use of these same after the course and to apply the knowledge acquired in multiple scenarios and real environments

In the next few days the pre-registration for this bootcamp will be published, as well as more information about this and the rest of the trainings during RootedCON 2019