RootedCON 2022 trainings registration is now open


We are pleased to announce the opening of registration for RootedCON 2022 trainings.

Both the Bootcamps (3 days long) and the RootedLabs (8 hours long) will take place in the days prior to the congress, starting on March 7 2022, in a nearby location.

Confirmed trainings for RootedCON 2022 are the following (all of them in Spanish):

  • [R22BCMAD01] EXPLOIT DEVELOPMENT FOR PENTESTERS - Pablo San Emeterio Price: 1250€
  • [R22BCMAD02] HACKING ETICO APLICACIONES MOVILES - Carlos Alberca & Daniel González Price: 1250€
  • [R22BCMAD03] IMPLEMENTACIÓN DE REDES TELCO OPENSOURCE PARA PENTESTERS - Pedro Cabrera & Miguel Gallego Vara Price: 2900€ (includes material with approximate value of 1000€)
  • [R22BCMAD04] OFFENSIVE HARDWARE HACKING FOR NOOBS - David Reguera & Gonzalo Carracedo Price: 1500€ (includes material with approximate value of 500€)
  • [R22BCMAD05] RED TEAM OPERATIONS - Eduardo Arriols Price: 1250€
  • [R22BCMAD06] ENDPOINT THREAT HUNTING - Roberto Amado & José Miguel Holguin Price: 1250€
  • [R22RLMAD01] PENTEST SOBRE ENTORNOS DE DIRECTORIO ACTIVO - Jorge Escabias Martínez & Helena Jalain Bravo & Luis Vázquez Castaño Price: 250€
  • [R22RLMAD02] BUGBOUNTY EN LA VIDA REAL - Carlos Rivero Price: 250€
  • [R22RLMAD03] OFFENSIVE POWERSHELL - Pablo González Price: 250€
  • [R22RLMAD04] PRACTICAL PENTESTING - Pablo González Price: 250€

Registering for any bootcamp, a ticket for the congress will be included.

In this link you can find the complete information of all the trainings, including objectives, requirements, biography of trainers, etc. Sign up for them using this link