/RootedCON 2024 HackerNight - BugBounty


On Friday March 08 2024, HackerNight will take place, the overnight event organized by RootedCON where registered hackers will try to find bugs in platforms and Bug Bounty programs completely private

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Additionally, there will be a prize of €3,000 for the best one. The contest rules will be presented at the time of the event and will a decision by an evaluation committee, not only based on the number of vulnerabilities, but also on their quality.

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More Information:

  • To participate, you don't need a ticket for the RootedCON congress. HackerNight is an activity with its own registration process.
  • Hackers must sign an NDA before starting the game, at check-in
  • HackerNight staff will provide access to virtual machines 24h before the event starts, so hackers will be able to install and tweak their tools
  • RootedCON will guarantee good atmosphere, music, snacks and drinks
  • A team of volunteers will help the organization and the contestants
  • HackerNight will take place on Friday, March 8, from 8PM to Saturday, March 9, 8AM
  • The event will take place in the cinema Room 25 of Kinepolis Madrid Ciudad de la Imagen. C/Edgar Neville s/n, Ciudad de la Imagen. 28223 Madrid (Spain)

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You can find more information, as well as register to the event, using the Activities page on your RootedCON account here