Here we present the first list with the first confirmed speakers and presentations for RootedCON 2018

  • Chema Alonso - Wild Wild WiFi: Dancing with Wolves
  • Ilfak Guilfanov - Decompiler internals: microcode
  • Raul Siles - IoT: Internet of T...
  • Pedro Cabrera Camara - Ataques SDR a Smart TVs: URL y channel injection
  • Abel Valero - VM + VFS = The Wooden Horse
  • Joaquin Molina Balsalobre - Mensajería y transporte, quiero mi paquete !!! y el tuyo, y el tuyo, y el tuyo...
  • Daniel Uroz & Ricardo J. Rodríguez - When ROP meets Turing: Automatic Generation of ROP Chains using Turing-Complete Instruction Sets
  • Pedro Sánchez Cordero - The red darkness comes from the north.
  • Juan Antonio Calles & Patricia Rada - Biohacking: Almacenando información en el ADN de bacterias
  • Jose Selvi - FIESTA: an HTTPS side-channel party
  • Alfonso Muñoz Muñoz & Jorge Cuadrado Saez - Phreaking is alive! Abusing GSM: Covert channels using AT commands
  • Carlos Otto - Periodistas y hackers: ¿podemos ser amigos?

Soon we will open the registration form and provide further information about speakers and the selected talks.